Hybrid Print/ Internet Tools Can Help You And Your Team Capture, Communicate And Connect Directly With People Interested.

Print ads don’t have to just sit there and look pretty anymore. Not only can printed ads help with building brand trust, but print advertising can also help a brand reach a wider audience. But how can you create a standout print ad that also complements your digital campaign?



While many of today’s advertisers are moving to the web to reach their target markets, print advertising still holds many benefits, can play an important role in marketing strategy, and should not be overlooked. A powerful, persuasive, multi-media marketing-communication campaign should use assorted forms of media to draw on the strengths of each. This can most successfully increase your sales, revenue and profits

By using a combination of QR codes and Text codes , a print ad can create interactivity between the dealership and the consumer. By placing unique text codes on all your vehicles we can send interested consumers right to the vehicle online with additional photos and information creating a quality lead so that you and your team can capture, and immediately connect with those people interested.

We distribute thousands of high-quality magazines at premium locations across the community. Our local reach is made possible through agreements with retailer and grocery chains as well as neighborhood convenience stores and independent restaurants.


We place our displays in high traffic areas to provide maximum impressions and pickup rates. To ensure efficient product placement our publications are delivered and merchandised on a weekly schedule. This also allows dealer inventory to be as current as possible.